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Ready to Go Technical Kits (Finished study)

Ready to Go Technical Kit includes a range of formulas that we have reached a rather meaningful stage. These studies are inspired by formulas have been used in China for thousands of years by billions of people, and proven to be effective. We have conducted extensive studies on the mechanism of relevant formulations, established quality standards for raw materials, and established standards for the key active ingredients at the phytochemical level, according to modern pharmacological principles, and established their manufacture processes. The studies have got rid of the unscientific and uncertain elements of the traditional experience, and preserved the beneficial elements through scientific and systematic research, and present them in a form that meets the standards of modern medicine and health industry, allowing them to be produced in large scale and benefit more consumers. These products can be simply provided to our customers in the form of technical kit, or do further study according to customers’ requirement, to complete the collection of clinical data before delivery.


Medicine:Nuan Gan Formula

Formula:Chinese Angelica, Babury Wolfberry Fruit, Indian Buead Tuckahoe, Fennel Fruit, Cassia Bark, Combined Spicebush Root, Aquilariae Lignum Resinatum or Costus Root

Clinical Applicability:Treatment of varicocele, testicular inflammation, epididymitis, syringomyelia, inguinal hernia, etc.

Medical Category:Urology


Medicine:Zhu Ling Formula

Formula:Agaric, Indian Buead Tuckahoe, Oriental Water Plantain Tuber, Ass-hide Gelatin, Talc

Clinical Applicability:Treatment of urinary tract infections, nephritis, cystitis

Medical Category:Urology

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