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Item No.:YNNM-0001

Medical Category:Dermatology

Clinical Applicability:Skin repair for burns, scalds and frostbite

Dosage Form:Gel

Item No.:YNNM-0002

Medical Category:Dermatology

Clinical Applicability:Anti-inflammatory for the treatment of wound infection after ulceration

Dosage Form:Spray

Item No.:YNNM-0003

Medical Category:Endocrinology

Clinical Applicability:Diabetic Nephropathy

Dosage Form:Tablet

Item No.:YNNM-0004

Medical Category:Rheumatology

Clinical Applicability:Rheumatic joint pain

Dosage Form:Tablet

Item No.:YNNM-0005

Medical Category:Dermatology

Clinical Applicability:Acne, psoriasis, ichthyosis, ringworm, neurodermatitis, acne, etc.

Dosage Form:Ointment

Item No.:YNNM-0006

Medical Category:Gastroenterology

Clinical Applicability:Gastritis, digestive disorders, intestinal ulcers

Dosage Form:Oral liquid

Item No.:YNNM-0007

Medical Category:Dermatology

Clinical Applicability:Stop itching and improve skin allergy symptoms

Dosage Form:Spray

Item No.:YNNM-0008

Medical Category:Proctology

Clinical Applicability:Anti-inflammatory, for hemorrhoids with blood in stool, swelling and pain

Dosage Form:Suppository

Item No.:YNNM-0009

Medical Category:Urology

Clinical Applicability:Urinary tract infection

Dosage Form:Capsule

Item No.:YNNM-0010

Medical Category:Cardiovascular

Clinical Applicability:Hyperlipidemia, arrhythmia

Dosage Form:Granule

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