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Ready to Go Technical Kits (Finished study)

Ready to Go Technical Kit includes a range of formulas that we have reached a rather meaningful stage. These studies are inspired by formulas have been used in China for thousands of years by billions of people, and proven to be effective. We have conducted extensive studies on the mechanism of relevant formulations, established quality standards for raw materials, and established standards for the key active ingredients at the phytochemical level, according to modern pharmacological principles, and established their manufacture processes. The studies have got rid of the unscientific and uncertain elements of the traditional experience, and preserved the beneficial elements through scientific and systematic research, and present them in a form that meets the standards of modern medicine and health industry, allowing them to be produced in large scale and benefit more consumers. These products can be simply provided to our customers in the form of technical kit, or do further study according to customers’ requirement, to complete the collection of clinical data before delivery.


Medicine:Bai He Di Huang Formula

Formula:Lily Bulb, Rehmannia Glutinosa

Clinical Applicability:Neurosis, dysthymia, plant nervous disorder, menopausal syndrome

Medical Category:Neurology


Medicine:Ban Xia Bai Zhu Tian Ma Formula

Formula:Pinellia Ternate, Tall Gaxtraodia Tuber, Indian Buead Tuckahoe, Tomentose Pummelo Peel, Largehead Atractylodes Rhizome, Liquorice Root

Clinical Applicability:Treatment of otogenic vertigo, hypertension, neurogenic vertigo, epilepsy, facial nerve palsy, etc.

Medical Category:Otolaryngology, Neurology


Medicine:Huang Qi Gui Zhi Wu Wu Formula

Formula:Milkvetch Root, White Peony Root, Cassia Twig, Fresh Ginger, Common Jujube

Clinical Applicability:Treatment of numbness and pain in the limbs caused by dermatitis, peripheral neuritis, and post-stroke

Medical Category:Neurology


Medicine:Juan Bi Formula

Formula:Incised Notopterygium Rhizome and Root, Doubleteeth Angelicae Root, Cassia Bark, Largeleaf Gentian Root, Chinese Angelica, Szechwan Lovage Rhizome, Liquorice Root, Piperis Kadsurae Caulis, Mulberry Twig, Frankincense, Costus Root

Clinical Applicability:Rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis

Medical Category:Neurology


Medicine:San Bi Formula

Formula:Dipsaci Radix, Eucommia Bark, Divaricate Saposhnikovia, Cassia Bark, Manchurian Wildginger, Ginseng Root, Indian Buead Tuckahoe, Chinese Angelica, White Peony Root, Liquorice Root, Largeleaf Gentian Root, Rehmannia Glutinosa, Szechwan Lovage Rhizome, Doubleteeth Angelicae Root, Milkvetch Root, 川Common Achyranthes

Clinical Applicability:Improves symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis, bilateral knee osteoarthritis, traumatic arthritis, lumbar disc herniation, lumbar spinal stenosis, and limited movement due to soft tissue contusions

Medical Category:Neurology


Medicine:San Jia Fu Mai Formula

Formula:Liquorice Root, Rehmannia Glutinosa, White Paeony Root, Dwarf Lilyturf Root Tuber, Ass-hide Gelatin, Hemp Fruit, Common Oyster Shell, Turtle Carapace, Tortoise Shell

Clinical Applicability:Primary hypertension caused by epidemic B encephalitis, epidemic encephalomyelitis, etc., limb twitching, hypovolemic hand and foot twitching, etc.

Medical Category:Brain, Neurology


Medicine:San Pian Formula

Formula:White Paeony Root, Szechwan Lovage Rhizome, Dwarf Flowering Cherry Seed, Chinese Thorowax Root , Indian Mustard Seed, Nutgrass Galingale Rhizome, Liquorice Root, Angelica Dahurica

Clinical Applicability:Vascular neuropathic headache, migraine, polycystic ovary syndrome and other conditions

Medical Category:Neurology


Medicine:Shen Tong Zhu Yu Formula

Formula:Largeleaf Gentian Root, Szechwan Lovage Rhizome, Peach Kernel, Safflower, Liquorice Root, Incised Notopterygium Rhizome and Root, Myrrh, Chinese Angelica, Faeces Trogopterori, Nutgrass Galingale Rhizome, Common Achyranthes, Earthworm

Clinical Applicability:Improvement of rheumatism

Medical Category:Neurology


Medicine:Xiao Xu Ming Formula

Formula:Chinese Ephedrs Herb, Fourstamen Stephania Root, Ginseng Root, Baikal Skullcap Root, Cassia Bark, Liquorice Root, White Peony Root, Szechwan Lovage Rhizome, Bitter Apricot Seed, Prepared Common Monkshood Daughter Root, Divaricate Saposhnikovia, Fresh Ginger

Clinical Applicability:Helps to recover from stroke and improve symptoms such as hemiplegia, slanting of the eyes and mouth, stiffness of the arms and legs, and slurred speech

Medical Category:Neurology

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