Who we are

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MedGence Technical Co., Ltd.

MedGence is one of the most important natural medicine CRO companies in China. We are specialized in research of natural medicine and ingredient. We provide complete services from raw material screening to supply of final products in the field of natural medicine. Since our establishment 14 years ago, we’ve been providing R&D services for more than 100 top leading pharmaceutical manufacturers and hospitals in China. We have finished modern medical study of 83 Classic Traditional Chinese Medicine formulas, developed 22 innovative natural medicines, obtained registration of 56 hospital preparation medicines, and established standards and production processes for nearly 400 single herb medicines. We have accumulated hundreds of thousands of batches of research data on natural sourced materials, TCM herbs, and medical preparations. Our services include enhancing formulation for dietary supplements, developing phytochemical substances as promising new drug, finding new solutions for cosmetics, etc. We also provide CDMO service for all the above.

Our Vision

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Utilize scientific method to detect essence part of traditional natural medicine, bring health benefit to human being


Our History

  • • Company founded

  • • Development of hydroxycamptothecin stealth liposomes

  • • Received research order of nature medicine from China Ministry of Science and Technology

  • • Finished study of quality standards for 163 natural medicines

  • • Set up fingerprint technology platform, lab size over 10,000 square feet

  • • Passed standard audit of National High Technology Enterprise

  • • Completed preclinical studies for 11 new medicines

  • • Built clinical data study platform for Natural Medicine (TCM)

  • • Established 4 branches in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangxi and Guangdong

  • • Finished pilot tests for 6 new medicines

  • • Submitted register application for 18 new medicines

    •Finished pilot tests for 26 new medicines